In September, 2009 Kyrgyz EITI Secretariat had been presented to the National EITI Council audited EITI report for 2008. At the international EITI conference, that was held in Kyrgyzstan on September, 15-16th, 2009, the report has been presented to the wide public. Members of the Consortium gave their evaluation of the report. EITI secretariat of Kyrgyz Republic prepared and discussed validation plan.  Members of the Consortium have given their recommendations on validation plan in Kyrgyzstan.
Recently member of the Working Group of Consortium has prepared the analysis of transparency and availability of the information on contracts and agreements in the mining industry in Kyrgyzstan.
Permanent dialogue of the Consortium with other interested parties has revealed presence of some problems on promotion EITI in Kyrgyzstan. In particular, the presentation of last report on EITI has shown that the companies and local authorities have methodical difficulties in preparation of EITI reports. Preparation of a clear and simple manual in Russian and Kyrgyz languages, and also training of the companies on preparation of EITI reports is necessary. Recent visiting meeting of the Consortium in the remote Naryn mining region has shown, that local residents have noted difficulties at receiving of the information on deductions of the companies to the local budget and presence at them licenses.
Members of the Consortium will be actively trace further validation process in the country. The working Group of the Consortium considers, that the further step to promotion of transparency of activity of the mining industry are disaggregated EITI reports, and also inclusion of an ecological and social component in the Initiative.

Kyrgyz NGO Consortium on EITI promotion suggests to study a problem and the international practice (including the best mining  standards of a transparency and the accountability); together with legislative and executive branches of the power to develop principles of the contract law in sphere of the mining industry; to create a database for citizens, organizations, governmental bodies and for  population of mining areas with the fullest information on the given theme; actively to advance transparency principles so that further they covered also other branches of economy connected with use of a national resource and providing  of social services; actively interact  with all branches of the government for the sake of achievement of the purposes mentioned above.


 NGO Consortium on EITI promotion in Kyrgyzstan


 November, 12th, 2009.