Since 2004 HDC "Tree of Life" actively works on promoting the international initiative EITI (Extractive industry transparency initiative) in Kyrgyzstan. For this purpose in 2004 was created the EITI NGO Consortium in Kyrgyzstan which brings together now total 22 NGOs from all regions of the country. HDC "Tree of Life" is coordinating work of Consortium  in promoting EITI in Kyrgyzstan, were conducted more than 35 trainings on subjects about EITI, interaction with interested parties (MSG), EIA, forms of discussion and an order of carrying out public hearings, legislation of Kyrgyzstan in mining industry, the budget transparency, EITI new standard, etc..
For involvement of local population in decision-making process and conflict preventions in regions in regions in 2006 were created Public receptions of EITI NGO Consortium, for today the number of public receptions reached 6 (Talas, Ala-Buka, Chong-Alay, Narin, Chatkal, Kadamjai  areas. EITI Public receptions as the successful tool of conflict prevention in regions actively carry out the analysis of a political situation in the region, the monitoring of activity of mining companies, consultations, trainings and seminars, social polls, continuous informing local population on changes in the legislation, procedures, the companies, etc. Visitors of public receptions- inhabitants of raions, -farmers, unemployed, women, representatives of local authorities, teachers, youth etc. HDC "Tree of Life" was engaged in active information campaign: 1000 copies of the guide about carrying out public hearings, 500 brochures for citizens on environmental protection in regions where exists mining companies, 500 brochures for land users of mining regions, 3000 copies of brochures on EITI new standard were let out in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages.
The main achievements of HDC «Tree of Life" and EITI NGO Consortium in Kyrgyzstan on EITI promotion in KR:
Promotion of EITI disaggregated reports (during 2008-2011 letters were sent to the Government, to Administration of the President of Kyrgyz Republic) and events for promotion of EITI disaggregated reports were held). Since 2012 by the EITI Secretariat disaggregated EITI reports separately on the companies began to be published in Kyrgyzstan.
Multistakeholder groups (MSG) at the local level in the Chatkal and Sulukta areas were created.
In areas where EITI Public receptions of EITI NGO Consortium work, the conflicts and controversial issues between local communities and the companies began to be solved by legal methods and negotiations.
The constructive relations between a n EITI Public reception in the Ala-Buka area and the company Kazakhmysgold was created , as  a result, agreement between company, local communities v. Kok-Tash, and local authorities was signed.  200 inhabitants of village work at mine, sewing shop at village was organized, by support of company, in village formed positive attitude to mining activity
As a result of carrying out public hearings in Chong Alay area further advance of the conflict between local communities and mining company was prevented , new tailing was constructed ( see case study )
The model agreement is developed for interested parties, the National Forum for the multistakeholder groups on local level was held ( 2013) , and recommendations on establishment of funds of local development were made and sent to the Ministry of Economics of Kyrgyz Republic and to Administration of the President of Kyrgyz Republic.
The forum on EITI was created (in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages) where news is published in the mining sphere, there is an exchange of opinions and news from regions in Kyrgyzstan. ( Nowadays  the number of visits of the EITI forum reached up to 3000 visits in a quarter.
Since 2013 Consortium is the member of PWYP – international coalition that campaigns for a world where all citizens benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.
In November 2015, the letter of promotion of electronic reporting on EITI  was sent to Kyrgyz Government,  EITI supervisory board and  Defense Council.
In further plans of HDC "Tree of Life" - increase in quantity of EITI public receptions in zones of development of mines, work on experience distribution of multistakeholder groups (MSG) at the local level, pilot projects of application of the model contract between interested parties in concrete areas, and also support of work of the web-site EITI Forum. Also we need renew annual meetings of Consortium for structural reforming and widening of Consortium of NGO on EITI promotion in KR.